"Some of the most successful athletes all over the world have a nutritional plan, so why don’t you?"

Sports has always been a major part of my life. From ages 10 to 18 my time was spent swimming and cycling at a competitive level. 

From 18 I moved into strength training. At first this was used to help improve my swimming and cycling, however, this then quickly turned into my next competitive endeavour, powerlifting.

I was all in. I hired a specific powerlifting coach and developed a relationship with several healthcare professionals that specialise in strength sports with an aim of competing in the 69kg division for Powerlifting Australia. 

In my first year I won several local competitions to which I finished 7th in the overall Australian rankings for my weight class. In the following year I continued my winning streak with local competitions and finished 5th in the Australian rankings. 

At this stage is where I believe everything changed. I wanted to take my lifting to the next level so I could compete with the top guys. To achieve this, I commenced taking the time to learn about sports nutrition. Specifically, how to optimise my body for performance to ensure I get the most out of myself with each competition I compete in.

Everyone has a good strength coach, but only the very best have a nutritional plan that is just as comprehensive as their strength plan. This was my competitive advantage and my best route to making the most amount of progress is the shortest amount of time. 

This mindset and strategic nutritional planning has now lead me to finishing in the top 3 in the Australian rankings for my weight Class over the past two years, as well as finishing 2nd at the past two Powerlifting Australia National Championships. 

I am now in a position where I want to help your everyday passionate individual as well as like-minded athletes reach their full potential through diet and nutrition using the skills and experiences I have learned across the way. 

Optimising performance and body composition are where I do my best work, having worked with a wide variety of people including individuals who have never followed a nutritional plan in their life, to coaching one of Australia’s strongest Athletes, Tyson Morrissy for world level strongman competitions. 

All methods that I apply to my clients are evidence based and proven to work. I help you become the best athlete you can be. The plan is tailored to your specific needs and is designed to help fit into your current lifestyle. 

If you truly want to be best athlete you can be, the days of merely training in the gym are behind us. Let me help you develop a plan that will have you looking better, feeling better and performing better.