“Be a badass in a world full of ordinary people, because normal is boring”

From the age of 20, I have developed my skill and obsession with strength training, learning from a wide variety of people and putting in the effort required, putting systems in place to reach specific goals. I am obsessed with constantly learning, not only as an athlete but also as an individual, with the need to constantly seek new ways to improve and reach new levels. I call this being committed and falling in love with the process.

I first started lifting in 2012, where I trained in Body Building and hypertrophy style lifting, before finding the sport of Powerlifting in 2016. This is where I learned a vast variety of techniques for specific lifting, obtaining expertise knowledge and skills from some very well-known athletes and coaches in the sport. I learned about training for performance and strength, learning what exercises and modalities were required for building the best foundations for athletic performance, not just building muscle or cutting body fat.

In 2018, I found the fulfillment I was searching for, transitioning over to the sport of Strongman, and I have never looked back. This sport allowed me to understand the mental aspect from a much clearer perspective, allowing me to push myself to levels I didn’t know I was capable of. This gave me a new level of emotional maturity as both an individual and an athlete. I excelled very quickly in my first year of competition; placing 2nd at ASA Nationals in the 72.5kg class, 2nd at Arnold’s Australia in the u65kg class and 3rd at The Static Monsters World’s in the u72.5kg class. I also received an invite to complete at Arnold’s World’s in Ohio 2020, and aim to compete at the Official Strongman Games in November 2020 in the u64kg class. 

As individuals, I believe we never stop learning, so my expertise level will only continue to expand. I have a natural ability to help others and see them succeed, so to watch my athletes excel, accomplish their goals and see the excitement on their face is something I find incredibly rewarding. You will often see me in my competitions, head in the game, but you will also see me encouraging and screaming at the athletes I’m competing alongside with. I have now built myself to a high level of knowledge and experience, where I want to share the same passion and obsession with others through coaching, to build athletes and help individuals develop a solid foundation they can be proud of, not only in the sport of strongman, but in any strength sports they wish to excel in.

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.”