+ Gym Owner
+ Strength and Conditioning Coach
+ Strength Athlete
+ Strongman
+ Powerlifter

I am first and foremost a strength sport enthusiast, a lifting enthusiast and a gym enthusiast. For as long as I can remember I've been in and around gyms, growing up around them, training in them, working in them, managing them and then finally owning one, Strong Geelong.

Making my debut in strength sports in 2013 with powerlifting I was hooked and since then have competed countless times in both Powerlifting and Strongman.
CAPO Novice Comp 2013

While Powerlifting has taken a back seat to Strongman in the last couple of years, I've still been able to have much success in the powerlifting world, after all, strong is strong.
Having taken out a number of Junior National Records in my first couple of years, I was able to win CAPO Nationals in 2015, compete and place 3rd at the GPA World Championships on top of numerous state championships. To date my best total is 310/175/350 = 835kg, Best Compeition Lifts are S:325kg B:182.5kg D:350kg

Strongman has been my passion and prime driver for some time now, there's nothing quite like head to head competition in the Strongman Arena.
Most recently I was able to come 3rd at Worlds Strongest Man u105kg, I have am 2 X Australias Strongest Man u105kg. I have been fortunate enough to compete all over the world including America, Finland and China. Some of my favourite achievements in Strongman include a 380kg Deadlift and a 200kg Stone load to 1.2m.

Being a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, I work with athletes in both Australia and across the globe at all levels, in a variety of sports on a weekly basis. I have a host of Competitors lifting under the Strongman Way banner on the national and international circuit within Strongman, Powerlifting and Martial Arts. I love helping and facilitating athletes reach their full potential.

I am the owner of Strong Geelong, a gym in my home town directed at spreading strength focused training. Over the last couple of years I have found fulfillment through developing a group of strong like minded strength enthusiasts with a culture and atmosphere second to none.

In short, I like lifting heavy S#$@, and I like helping others find the same love and fulfillment I do from it, whether that's just lifting for the enjoyment or pushing for gold at the world level.