+ Gym Owner
+ Strength and Conditioning Coach
+ Strength Athlete
+ Strongman
+ Powerlifter

Tyson is first and foremost a strength sport enthusiast, a lifting enthusiast and a gym enthusiast. For as long as he can remember he's been in and around gyms, growing up around them, training in them, working in them, managing them and then finally owning one, Strong Geelong.

Having competed in Strength Sports for over 10 years, he's gained a wealth of knowledge in all strength sports, athlete strength and conditioning and what it takes to be a competitor. With over 60 competitions under his belt, national records, national titles and international podiums, he's tread the path many are looking to, in both powerlifting and Strongman. 
More than this, he's learnt a lot, which is knowledge he is able to pass onto his clients. 

Having coached and trained people from as early as 2010 in the industry, maybe the greatest gift he's had is time and eyes in the game, watching people move, helping people move better and experimenting with programming. In 2015 he started Strong Geelong, a strength based facility in his home town and shortly there after, "The Strongman Way," was born. 

Some of his proudest achievements have come as a coach, not as a competitor. 
Having coached athletes to Australia Strongest Man titles, compete at the highest level overseas in Strongman & Strognwomn, lifters podium at Proraw and take out National or World records are all proud accolades he holds as a coach. 
However he loves some of the smaller wins just as much if not more, watching or clients break long time PRs, seeing how ecstatic they are when doing so whether it's a novice comp or Worlds...it all means the world. 

In short, powerlifting, strongman/woman, athletic pursuits outside of these, he loves the puzzle of improving performance through programming, through coaching and through getting the most out of his athletes.