There no denying, Strongman is on the rise! It's finding it's way into mainstream gyms and CrossFit boxes more and more. 

Do you know the teaching points?
Correct way to execute the events?
Program the events? 
What equipment to use?

Or do you want to touch up on the Strongman foundations skills ? 

The STRONGMAN Seminar runs from 7-8 hrs and includes; 

+ Intro into Strongman
+ Who is it for?
+ How to get started
+The 8 Pillars if Strongman
+The 5 Foundation Events and;
   -What are they
   -How will they be seen in competition
   -Teaching Points/Cues
   -Programming Points
   -Accessory Movements
+Programming for different experience levels

  Session 1: Log an Yoke Workshop
  Session 2: Axle and Farmers Workshop
  Session 3: Sandbag and Axle Deadlift
  Session 4: Atlas Stone

Price PP: $250