The Deadlift is one of the most iconic and fundamental movements applicable to both the gym environment and the real world. From beginner gym goers, pump classes to a pinnacle test of grit in elite strength sports – the deadlift is a staple of those engaging in resistance training. Not only this, it is arguably the most primal and regularly used of our movement patterns as we pick things up and off the ground countless times across our lifespan!

In this short workshop we will be covering some of the basics in technique and movement to make sure you’re both doing the movement safely and effectively with the end result being an optimized deadlift to shift the most load!

1.1 Intro
1.2 The Deadlift and which is one is for me?
1.3 Key structures for a successful deadlift.
1.4 Common mistakes and how to fix them.
1.5 Programming the Deadlift.
1.6 Key Deadlift Variations: Who, what, why, where how!?

3.1 The practical.
3.2 Warming up to pull
3.3 Put it into practice
3.4 Back off, Q&A, F*** off.

3hr Workshop
Price PP/ $125