From the earliest age my life has been filled with a larger variety of sports than most.
Growing up in the surf life saving club I was heavily involved in beach sports, swimming, surfing a passion that quickly turned into any and all board sports such as wakeboarding, snowboarding, kiteboarding and skateboarding. Setting foot into the gym at the age of 19 changed all of that pretty quick though!
I Started off weight training as most do..chasing aesthetics, wanting to be bigger, stronger and leaner which lead me to competing on stage at the IFBB NSW bodybuilding show in 2012 through my own application of the knowledge I had learnt first hand.

2 years after I had enough of the restrictive eating and monotony of focusing on appearance and wanted to set my goals on something athletic, focusing on what my body can do, not just how it can look. That birthed the 12 month journey of Crossfit which lead me into Strongman (heavier weights and less running). 5 years later and Strongman is more of a passion than ever before.
Since then I have won competitions not just at the national level but came 3rd in the world as an u90kg competitor at SCL Worlds Strongest Man and competed with the open men for the title of Australia’s Strongest Man.

Through years of personal training and correct nutrition guidance I’ve developed a knowledge base and set of tools I've wanted to bring to the Strongman community for some time. Coaching and teaching those who not just love to compete but love to train in any and all sports. I want to not only build strong, great athletes for the sport of Strongman but athletes who will be great at any sport they choose.