Coach Leigh Shaw is an experienced athlete and coach with over ten years of experience in Strongman competitions and seven years of coaching elite-level Strength Sports Athletes. He has achieved many accolades as an athlete, including being a two-time Australia's Strongest Man U90kg, former World Record holder for Monster DB U90kg, 3rd place at Strongman Champions League World Championships U90kg, Arnold Classic Asia winner, and two-time Official Strongman Games athlete, placing 16th in the first year and 12th in the second year.

As a coach, Leigh has achieved a lot of success as well. He has coached New Zealand's Strongest Woman winner, as well as New Zealand’s Strongest U64kg, U90kg, and U105kg, Australia's Strongest Man winner, and many podium places across nearly all weight classes. He has also won Powerlifting Nationals and achieved numerous Australian and New Zealand National records in various weight classes.

Leigh coaches some of the best Strongman/Woman Athletes locally and internationally, travelling to the World level. He is passionate about Strongman, which he discovered after competing in Bodybuilding and then Crossfit. Leigh loves competing and training, and he leads from the front, guiding and coaching others to achieve their best in the sport.

Leigh's coaching team, The Strongman Way, is set apart from the rest. They are always learning and adapting coaching protocols and understanding the sport as it evolves and keeps growing. Leigh is always open to taking on new clients, no matter their strength or experience level, as long as they are dedicated to putting in the work. He asks for nothing more than a reciprocal 100% commitment to their goals if she is equally devoted as their coach.

In Strongman and Powerlifting, "Whoever stays in it the longest gets the strongest" is the mantra. Leigh strives to not only set new targets to have athletes going from a local/regional level to a national/international level but also does so in a way that reduces the risk of injury and incorporates the necessary rehab/rehab strategies to get them back on track and able to train and enjoy the journey as long as possible.