Name: Kerryn Siems
Strongwoman & Powerlifting
Current Ranking: Australia’s Strongest Woman u65kg – 2017
Current Records Held: National Strongman Deadlift Record – 162.5kg (u65kg weight division) Equal National Strongman Stone Record – 100kg (u65kg weight division) Training for: The World Strongwoman Championships in Ohio 2018 (sounds good… lol!)

"What can I say about Tyson Morrissy… I met Tys in 2016 when I started training out of his gym Strong Geelong. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing but I had a foundation of sorts in strength training. I remember the day Tyson approached me after he noticed me maxing out on my deadlifts… for the second week in a row. He suggested writing up a program for me to follow and within a few weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my lifts. At the end of 2016 I asked Tys if he would train me for a strongwoman comp that was coming up a month later and the rest is history. I have been following the SM Way programming for 18 months and have continued to go from strength to strength landing me the title of Australia’s Strongest Woman at the Arnold Strongwoman Championships in 2017 . It goes without saying that Tyson’s continued support and encouragement have been a huge part of my growth as an athlete. What I love about Tys is that he makes time for everyone who walks through the doors of his gym and gives them each the support and friendship that they need at any given moment. His knowledge and experience are invaluable and he lives what he preaches. I love training strongwoman. The sport has impacted my life in so many ways and I hope to keep improving under the watchful eye of the big dawg himself, Tyson Morrissy"

Thomas Claxton, 22
Sport : Strongman
Goals: Place top 3 at NSW Strongest man, become stronger overall and compete internationally.

"Tyson is one of the best strength coaches in Australia, PERIOD. I like that he is honest, supportive and makes you work hard, because he genuinely wants you to achieve your goals. Personally under Tyson my conditioning has improved massively, my squat feels more stable and stronger (repped prior comp best of 175 for 2x2), my overhead feels stronger (115kg log 12inches), my deadlift technique has improved (feeling more power off the floor) and I generally feel better and healthier. If you are looking for a great strength coach who has experience with multiple strength disciplines, and makes you work hard, Tyson is your guy."

Name: Ryan Bumpstead
Achievements: 2016 ASA Victorian Champion - Men's u90kg Goals: Qualify at Victorias Strongest Man for the 2018 Arnold Classic.

"Prior to being programmed by TSMW the focus of my own training had primarily been towards free weights, squats and leg press's which didn't account for other fundamentals such as deadlifts (Current PB 240kgs) or an effective bench press.
Following assessment Tyson identified that my squat technique required re- work as at the time my 150kg MAX was unlikely to improve and was the cause of some injuries.

Tysons coaching on correcting the underlying problems also focused on building a stronger base through more effective programming and personal training and has allowed me to achieve a current PB of 205KG with room to grow currently in our plan. As an u90s Strongman the diverse and often unusual nature of the sport has required an intense training program with reliance on a strong base which has been built up over the past few years from working with TSMW.

My personal training program with Tyson has covered mental and physical readiness and in 2016 as a men's u90kg Strongman competitor allowed me to WIN 1st place at the 2016 Victorian ASA Grand Prix. This achievement has spurred me onto enter many more competitions with a goal of qualifying for the next Arnold Classic."

Name: Corey Polkinghorne
Sport: Strongman competitor
Goal: To be one of NSW strongest men and compete in the 2018 Arnold classic

The Strongmanway has provided me with custom programs tailored to my goals. It has helped me have an easy transition from a bodybuilding based training program to a strongman specific training style. I am able to send videos and get advice on my movements to help improve technique. Tyson responds quickly to all my questions and queries which makes it easy for me to focus on my training without any doubt in what I am supposed to do. Since working with Tyson I have a new PR in all my strongman and compound lifts. I placed 2nd in NSW for the Static Monsters Competition and 3rd at  Tamworths strongest man. It has been great working with Tyson and I look forward to what big things he can help me accomplish.