The Strongman Way was influenced by the ideas and concepts of philosophies such as Buddhisms  "the middle way" or "path," as well as the ancient warrior doctrines.

The Strongman Way is a way of life, forging and creating the strongest version of yourself, mentally and physically. To be better than you were yesterday, or to further that and be the best there is takes more than an intent to do so. It takes commitment, focus, mental and physical fortitude and dedication to the process. 

Those who are resolute will be successful in forging their path. 

I love human movement, and for me strongman and strength sport is how I've chosen to express that. The Strongman Way and the ideologies behind it are not limited to those of one sport however. It is a concept which transcends into a myriad of different avenues, the dedication, focus and discipline dedicated to perfecting a movement art will inevitably extend into all other areas of your life.

Whether its Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Athletics, heck...Yoga or Pilates, The Strongman Ways vision and my vision, is to see appropriate and directed use of strength/resistance based exercise incorporated into any moving persons activity. It is an opportunity to help compliment any given persons own field of practice while fostering a community of stronger human beings who perform and move better!