Want boulder shoulders..but more importantly a press to make your competitors knees go weak?

This program is designed to blast your overhead through the roof and create that up top thickness that'll need you using 2 straws. 

It utilizes a combination of heavy strongman implements and loading schemes across 3 days of work.

Alongside the staples, there's plenty of bodybuilding styled accessory work and some shoulder health homework to make sure you can keep up ;)

Great for those wanting to chase a boost in overhead performance, or those that want some more direction with their upper body strength and hypertrophy training!  This system strikes a middle line between building base strength, size and getting accustomed to the odd objects used in SM styled training.

Programmed by the OHP King himself..Leigh "Rockleigh" Shaw
WORLD RECORD HOLDER in the Monster Dumbbell 

  • Load Calculator
  • Sets & Reps Scheme for accessory work specific for the 10 weeks
  • 4 Sessions P/Week
  • Accessory work provided
  • Explanation and Rundown