October 06, 2018 Tyson Morrissy

The more you know…

I was 16 when I first dragged my mum into VFA so I could sign up to become a trainer, for various reasons it wasn’t until I was in year 12 I started part time while completing VCE. I’ll tell you one thing now though, 16 or 18, I already knew it all, you just had to ask me.

I was on the borderline..nah f%&# it, I was completely and utterly obsessed with digesting all the information I could about training, supplements and nutrition I could in this time period. There was a way to do things, the way I had learnt through research, reading, through my own training and that was gospel to me. That was my truth, and as I entered the fitness industry I carried those personal truths about “health,” “fitness,” and all things training into the workplace (see photo) where I would confidently show people the path to a new and better life. I wasn't wrong by any means, I loved what I did! I still do - however once upon a time where I saw one way to do things, I now see many!

I see it often, not just with young trainers, but all trainers who work in all sorts of weird and obscure niches that have wiggled their way to fall under the health and fitness industry banner. A dogmatic approach to achieving a goal, unwavering gospel, a one way belief which they’d rage a holy war defending.

This is not to say it won’t work..for some. There will be a subset of people who will follow the teachings of their new cult leader..I mean trainer..I mean..whatever, you get it, to a tee, they’ll LOVE it and they’ll see great results.


It won’t be for everybody, there’s one thing to have your belief about the optimal way to do something, and another to believe your way is the ONLY way to do something.

While I carry my own beliefs, and run my own cult (the best one), once upon a time (please forgive me) I sat in appointment rooms, spreading the good word of the holy bro-ble. Eat a high frequency diet, train XYZ, supplement with XYZ and let your gains begin. If you had a question I had the correct answer.

Fast forward, and I promise you if you ask me a question I’ll be that annoying F#$% who answers you with 3 more questions. The more you know, the more you know there are infinite possibilities and ways to approach things, if there’s a rationale that works for the person, then that’s good enough for me.

If you feel better within yourself for eating a banana diet, who am I to say it’s wrong?

I see so many people achieving things a thousand different ways, seeing great results from different methods whether it’s composition, strength, endurance, it doesn’t matter. There’s no right way, there’s the right way for YOU. The more you know, the more you know you don’t know it all.

So if you find yourself in an appointment room with someone telling you this is the way you need to do something, that your whole life needs to flip on its head so you can meet the gospel and achieve your goal, I’d be checking the fine print to see if all his clients have to wear only orange and provide 2 hours of “family” service every day.

I kid and digress,

To stop rambling, here’s the meat for you;

1. You don’t need to train or follow any protocol you hate, there’s a style of training, moving your body or being physically active that suits most people.**see note

2. You don’t need to follow someone else’s goal, if someone /trainer/friend is pushing their agenda, know what YOU want to be training for and make sure your training, nutrition etc is congruent with your goals, not your trainers, not your mums best friends sisters dogs.

3. There is optimal, there is less optimal, to me.
There is someone else’s version of both of those too.
There’s also a shit load of other paths in-between. 
The best way, the most optimal for any individual is the path they enjoy, the path they adhere too and the path they find consistency in.

For the trainer/would be trainer:

1. Listen, when you ask a question really listen to your client and identify to your best ability the protocols needed to help them achieve THEIR goals.

2. If you don’t have the tools knowledge or just know you’re not the best person for the job, refer it. Too many people try to be what they are not.


Strong Geelong is located at 2/107 Balliang Street, the ‘we are not a cult,’ uniform is black Mon-Sun with Camo Accessories. You’ll provide “SG” community service at events and competitions,

**Sometimes, admittedly, when starting movement from a severe deficiency of physical activity, of moving, of exertion, it sucks and you may not enjoy anything besides eating and being sedentary – and even if you’re a veteran, sometimes it does have to suck a little